Life Sciences

Managing cost pressures, changing regulatory environments and increased demand for innovation and customer engagement are part of a shifting landscape facing the life sciences industry. How is the life sciences sector addressing today’s evolving marketplace?

Bridgemark's Life Sciences Forums are dedicated to providing a meaningful platform that allows global life sciences leaders to collaborate and tackle operational, regulatory and cost challenges.


What types of strategies should technology leaders be using to facilitate growth? What are the opportunities and challenges ahead in trying to meet the demands of savvy consumers?

As technology continues to drive change in every industry, the role of the CIO has increased drastically. CIO’s are leading the initiatives that are impacting almost every part of how a company operates and grows in the digital age. In addition to driving innovation, they are also responsible for innovating customer experience, generating revenue and maintaining operational demands.

Despite these increased expectations, CIO’s are embracing the challenge and leading the charge to ensure they stay relevant within their organizations. Bridgemark collaborates with some of the most innovative CIO’s from leading organizations and industries to foster engagement and facilitate professional development.

Higher Education

As new models of teaching and learning, learner-centric environments, re-defining workforce development, increasing accessibility for the 21st century student, and a shift in enrollment trends pose new challenges to higher education institutions across the country, they also create infinite possibilities.

Mitigating risk in the face of significant change becomes central to the success of a new initiative, regardless of whether the University is aiming at modernizing the infrastructure, managing BYOD strategies, providing better IT support or adopting new teaching and learning tools.

Graduates are asking to be more employable. This requires a re-evaluation of what skills are expected in the workplace. Higher education leaders are looking to leverage technology to support their students’ academic and career goals.

Bridgemark's Higher Education Forums are a premiere gathering of thought leaders – Provosts, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Marketing Officers and Heads of Enrollment – from universities and colleges, public and private, from across the country who are looking to capitalize on the possibilities presented by new challenges and drive the higher education industry forward.


Bridgemark's Architecture Forums are focused in a number of verticals and provides collaboration for Chief Facilities Officers and Heads of Specifications from major architecture firms across the country. These thought leaders will come together to address challenges and actionable solutions across all different projects and industries.

Human Capital Management

The past few years have redefined Human Resources in more ways than one. We gather the premier HR, People & Talent Management Executives from a cross-industry group of organizations who are committed to ensuring they are staying on top of HR, HCM, and talent management trends to ensure that they can remain competitive in today’s changing working world. Purposeful collaboration among senior HR, People and Talent executives and others across organizations is imperative for corporate HR teams to leverage best practices for their people and ensure that they are remaining competitive when considering that organizations and employees must travel this new work landscape together.


Deliberate collaboration amongst senior leaders is imperative for banks to leverage best practices and stay up to date on the pace of change that enables customers to move seamlessly between channels. Now is the time to commit to a strategy that takes advantage of fintech solutions to modernize legacy infrastructure, harness the power of data and deploy digital solutions that allow for safe and secure personalized customer experiences.


Our programs gather the most innovative CIOs, CISOs, VPs, and Executive Directors of IT from hospitals and systems from across the country. The format allows executives to explore the intersection of healthcare and technology, and discover new ways to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and take a look at what’s next for the industry. Our Advisory Board brings their extensive knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that our sessions are relevant, practical, and informative. Our program content is tailored to address some of the top challenges facing the healthcare IT industry today, from interoperability to cybersecurity to data privacy.